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Participants of the conference AVIA-INVEST 2014 got acquainted with the performance of AVIATEST

On 10th and 11th April aviation industry experts from Europe and Russian Federation gathered in Riga, including representatives of LNK Aerospace company – AVIATEST and Centre Composite, to take part in industry conference AVIA-INVEST 2014. A significant part of the conference was a visit to the unique AVIATEST laboratory in the Baltic States.

 The interest towards technical capabilities of AVIATEST laboratory and implemented tests was shown from the experts of such organizations and company associations as Institute of Air and Space Law AEROHELP (Russian Federation), ORPE Technologiya (Russian Federation), Project ANULOID (Czech Republic), QNORD Aviation Management Company (Finland), Kronstadt GmbH (Germany) and others.

In the second part of AVIA-INVEST 2014 conference (lectures and discussions), opened by Aviation Department director of the Ministry of Transport Arnis Muiznieks, focusing mainly on outstanding questions of Aviation industry in European Union and Russian Federation, for instance, tendencies of aviation technology development in the world, joint projects of European Union and Russian Federation, the latest trends in air navigation systems in Russia and others. The aim of the conference was not only to encourage discussion about the latest industry developments, but also to promote cooperation amongst companies of this industry, attracting new partners in the international aviation industry projects.